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trading_fiction's Journal

Trading fiction - internationally!
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Hi! This book-trading community was started by EditorNia, because she was frustrated when she couldn't find an international book-trading community!

If you're looking for a book trading community within Australia (only if you are actually in Australia) please check out our Sister Community, aus_book_trade, for book trading within Australia.

The rules are:
* Be nice!
* post about books you want, books you've got to trade or sell or swap, or books you've seen somewhere (for someone on this community).
* pictures should be of book covers only.
* put all pictures behind an LJ-cut.
* if selling your books, ask for REASONABLE prices! If the books are used, say so (and don't expect too high a price).
* Please trade with all countries! That means NO "US and Canada only" trades! (It kinda pisses the rest of us off).

* be mean.
* post fan-fiction here. This is a book-trading community only.
* post any adult material. This is a kid-friendly zone! Any posts with adult material in them will be deleted by the moderator!
* ABSOLUTELY NO "US and Canada only" trades! (It kinda pisses the rest of us off, and defeats the point of a world-wide book trading community).
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